Robuntu coop: a Finnish ICT and FOSS company with educational services

    We are a cooperative with a FOSS and ICT multi-service portfolio. We can deliver refurbished Linux computers with accessories including server, website/mail and ERP solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

    We also offer tailored training according to clients' needs and educational level. Subjects include Finnish, English, Swedish, physics, mathematics, and ICT.

  • New and used+refurbished devices (from phones to servers)
  • Cloud services (AWS, private cloud services and solutions)
  • OSS software services (OSS consulting, implementation, administration)
  • Thinclient, PoS, and VoIP services (thinclient solutions, point-of-sale cashiers, VoIP solutions and VoIP phone centres)
  • Recycling services (selling/ brokerage)
  • Data security consulting and penetration testing
  • Regular IT support and administration services
  • Hosting and domain services
  • IT consulting in general (hardware, software, solutions: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix)

Contact us

We have a part-time office in Hämeenlinna, Rauhankatu 2G (HSDY)
- ask for further information on the opening hours


Legal info
Y-tunnus: 2952890-9
VAT number FI29528909